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With over 15 years of experience specializing in transporting,  lifting, unloading oversize machines and equipment throughout the VietNam, with more than 3000 large and small projects be completed successfully, we specialize in supplying service for Japan, USA, Korea, and China factories, Creating an absolute trust and peace of mind when assigning 5Startrans’ responsibility.

We approach each project always putting SAFETY as the top factor, PROFESSIONAL is always done in each stage, COMPETITIVE PRICE is carefully considered for long-term cooperation.

Whether you need to move parts for industrial equipment, heavy machinery, or complete production sites – we know the best possible transport routes and the best possible handling for your loading.

Project cargo 5startrans
Wind power transportation project in Vietnam
Lifting machinery cranes into the warehouse
Lifting machinery cranes into the warehouse


  • Full-Service Package included: Customs clearance, Transporting, Unloading, Moving and Positioning machines or equipment
  • Lifting/Unloading machines from the container, Unpacking and move to factory as layout by high tech equipment
  • Multi-modal Transport/ Unique Equipment
  • Wooden and Steel packing heavy machines, equipment
  • Moving warehouses/Factory in Vietnam or to Oversea
  • Lashing cargo
  • Equipment craning


  • Diesel forklifts from 2 to 25 tons: 5Units
  • Electric forklifts 2.5 tons: 2units
  • Cranes from 2-80 tons: 3Unit
  • Turtles – Hydraulic team of all types: 15sets
  • Balance, Chains, ropes of all kinds, …
  • Floor protection tools: wood/Steel panels, plastic sheets, silver plates…

Handling procedures of lifting and moving machinery

Site survey

  • Record all customer requests.
  • Surveying the current status of the project, the location of equipment, and machinery installation.
  • Measure and calculate the occurrences that can affect the cost of lead time.

Set up the plan to lift the equipment into position

  • Make specific plans, plans for loading and unloading, lifting, and lowering, and choose the most optimal plan.
  • Calculation of forklifts, bridge trucks, workers, technicians, and necessary tools, plans to protect floors or other structures.
  • Presenting optimal options, providing service prices as well as completion time.

Carrying out loading and unloading, lifting goods or putting them in position

  • Team meeting to disseminate the plan, reminding the specificity of the project, Regulations of the project for the whole team to grasp and implement.
  • Carry out the work according to the plan with the close supervision of the Team Leader
  • Safety is the most important factor that is controlled throughout the process
  • Strictly follow the principles of safe operation of equipment

Handover and payment

Carry out final inspection and handover of project items, pay costs according to the contract.

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Loading and unloading equipment should only be done by people with the relevant knowledge and experience. Heavy loads can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly. At 5STARTRANS, we believe the safety of our team, and your equipment is paramount, so we take loading procedures very seriously.

Our approach

To ensure equipment is loaded and unloaded safely, our team members must have the appropriate training and experience. This includes being inducted into our internal policies, procedures, and processes.

We apply site-specific rules and traffic management plans, site induction training, and regulations relevant to each individual equipment and vehicle specifications.

Risk Assessment

Before loading and unloading equipment, a thorough risk assessment should be carried out which considers every step of the job, including site risks and hazards, loading, transport, and unloading. This is particularly necessary in the case of an unfamiliar commodity or location and/or where there are unfavorable weather conditions

Safe loading/unloading areas

Before any load or unload commences, we require all drivers/operators to complete a situational risk assessment and implement the necessary controls.

Designated loading/unloading areas should be sectioned off where required, a check should be done for overhead electric cables, the area should be cleared of debris, and any uneven surfaces should be identified.

Pedestrians and workers not involved in the loading/unloading process should vacate the area, there should be no chance of vehicles coming into contact with stray cables or wires and trailers must be parked on firm level ground so the load can be positioned evenly.

A safe waiting place should also be available to all persons on a site that are not involved in the loading/unloading until the operation is completed and loads are appropriately restrained.

Load restraint/security

The golden rule here is: an uneven or overloaded vehicle is a dangerous one. Uneven loads cause the vehicle to lose balance, so all weight should be distributed as evenly as possible across the trailer throughout the loading and unloading process.

our safety procedures

Safety equipment and risk prevention measures

We have a range of job-specific equipment and processes in place to ensure loading and unloading of equipment is done safely

  • Vehicles are fitted with warning lights and signals and appropriate signage whether it be oversize signs or dangerous goods signage,
  • High visibility cones are available to cordon off the work zone as necessary,
  • Qualified forklift operators or crane operators are used when required,
  • A harness system is used when working at height
  • PPE is used at all times.

The loading/unloading area should also feature safeguards to prevent the driver from inadvertently moving the vehicle before the load is fully secured.

To reduce this risk, we utilize:

  • Traffic lights to clearly indicate when safe to move,
  • Vehicle and trailer restraints to prevent movement, and
  • Process whereby the vehicle keys and/or paperwork is handed over to the person in charge of loading/unloading, and only given back to the driver when safe to move.


  • Civil and industrial machines/Equipment
  • Industrial boilers/Machines
  • Towers /transformers
  • Electric power equipment
  • Wind turbines
  • Tanks
  • And a wide rank of other machinery and equipments


  1. Samsung company in Bac Ninh
  2. Bosch company  in Dong Nai
  3. Lock and Lock company in Nhon Trach in Dong Nai
  4. Toda company – Vsip 2a Industrial Park – Binh Duong
  5. Mitsuba company – Long Binh And Amata
  6. Framas company – Long Thanh Industrial Park – Dong Nai
  7. Nidec Copal company in High-Tech Zone District 9
  8. Kyodo company, Dong Nai Amata Industrial Park, Printing System
  9. Nagae company, Long Duc Iz Dong Nai.
  10. Dong Jin vina company Bien Hoa Industrial Park 2


  • Professional, experienced team, know a lot of different machines, execute many projects with different difficulty and complexity.
  • Equipped with a variety of supporting tools, equipment, small and large forklifts, electric forklifts, crane cars, low bed truck, flooring protection, roller, hydraulic team, floor protection tools ….
  • Giving the safety of machinery and equipment first, carefully in every step.
  • Consulting and providing optimal solutions for lifting and transporting complex equipment with the best cost compared to other suppliers in the market.
  • Our main customers are Japanese companies, (Occupying 70% of projects), they require careful, professional, and perfect job details.

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